Not Very On Topic But My Kung Fu Has Made This Resolve.

I have been training for 5 years and I have been shy for as long as I can remmember. I have been a timid,fearful person from being bullied and even teared my skin and self harmed. from my training I have realized how many years of my life has been wasted due to my fear and insecurity and so now I have a resolve one that will stick and is very important.

"no matter how afraid..fearful,insecure or unsure i am will not let it be anymore than a feeling and will not allow it to show"

so many years of my childhood wasted becase I was to afraid and shy, many missed oppostunities to be happy and my training as well was affected. my training helped me through the tough times and built me and my confidence and now has helped me with this new resolve. I understand it wont happen over night. but I will try.

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What don’t kill you make you stronger. To be shy is not to a weakness, if is in harmony with the Dao of your hearth. Fear is just an illusion, hope is better, faith is better, action is better. If you have the will you have the power. Good training.

What does dao mean? Sounds lovely "the dao of your heart

Thank you for your comment !

as for gaining confidence is now more obvious . that and being an older age group my Sifu treated me thus and didn't baby me and cater to my shy and insecure behavior. hence the shock treatment.

used to get bullied a lot in school and never felt like I had real friends. I guess joining that martial art happened at the right time. I guess the timing was right and the connection between my dad and my Sifu(martial art teacher) was perfect two (because they worked together).<br />
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the group technically didn't accept teens but because of my dad I was able to get in. the group is more for 20 and older. this was all perfect because everyone at the kwoon is in an older age group and their is a strong sense of family in this club. i've never liked nor really got anything going with my own age group so this was perfect for me. <br />
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no worries about being rude! if I am going to post a story or what not..I should be open to any type of question.