I Love Kuroshitsuji

I am the first to write this apparently.....
I cannot pick a favorite character, what is yours? write it in the comments!!
aside from that i ABSOULUTLY HATE, CANNOT STAND yaoi. it disgusts me.
I am also a pandora hearts fan too.
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#1 Undertaker (Adrian Crevan)
#2 Sebastian Michaelis
#3 Grell Suttcliff
#4 Joker (because he made Ciel smile)
#Ciel Phantomhive.

hi!!! my favorite characters are Sebastian (i want to marry him)Grell(i am joining him for stalkings sebby) Cloude(for being a hawt bi*h) Undertaker(couse he is awasome) and i hate yaoi too and Ciel (couse he is cute)

Sebastian ciel and grell and alois

GRELL!!!! <3<br />
william<br />
sebas-chan<br />
undertaker<br />
alois<br />
ceil<br />
.....thats it,ok i guess ill add claude too

The Undertaker, then Grell. They're both so lovably creepy!

Grell. Mainly because the writer of kuroshitsuji had the guts to put an MTF trans in her manga. Besides, Grell is just plain lovable. :)

My top five characters is: <br />
1. Sebastian Michaelis<br />
2. Ciel Phantomhive<br />
3. Undertaker<br />
4. Grell <br />
5.Thopson, Cantebury and Timber<br />
<br />
I like Pandora hearts too, you should read the manga called Undertaker Riddle, its good too and both undertakers look alike. Also kinda like Vincent Nightray too.