Why L Is Awsome

Well i finnished death note today and i decided to do the top 5 reasons L is awsome

1. When he washes light yagimes feet he is basicly saying "yo i know you're gonna kill me im cool with that" and im thinking L you're awsome shove it in his face till the very end

2.i like how L beat light He made so someone would follow his death and since he knew hed die he set a timer so that when he died a message would be sent and the next L would rise thats awsome

3.his smile he uses it when he says "ill give you this strwaerry if you keep it a secret" thats an awsome smile it says "you've been beaten please surrender now and we wont sentance you to death."

4.How rude he is he stole 2 phones tied a girl up vided her for over a month and watched the whole time for 1 investigation L surpases all of my exspectations for the perfect person

5. how hes "so serious" he even walks up to light and says "i suspect that you light yagime are infact kira its a 5 percent chance" that lets light know everything
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

haha i love all your reasons!! L is AMAING!!.. i almost think thats why season 2 was soo not up to par..