Developing Affection

When I first saw Death Note, like most I was surprised that someone as young and awkward as L looked could be the famous detective. At first I resented him and was not really expecting him to top Light, but over the course of a short period of time I grew to like the guy. I found everything he did seemed to mock stereotypes and his talent in deductions left me flabbergasted to no end. I really began to admire everything he did... from the way he sat to his obsession with cakes and sweets. Everything was unique about him and this led to the realization that underneath that monotone voice was a talented, funny, and utterly astounding individual whose interesting quirks really made his personality shine. At the time period I started watching this, I really needed that sort of person....and still do really. I looked up to this man as a true role model...and I fell head over heels for him. It didn't matter that he might not have been the 'sexiest' by society's standards, in my eyes he was adorable and spontaneous and a truly beautiful person whom I will always love... and even though he's fictional, he has still taught me a lot and helped me in life. :) .
luna368 luna368
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013