And Yet More Spoilers

Sorry about this but I'm writing more spoilers on the anime Death Note.

I just watched a fan made video recapping the saddest scenes and I swear I was almost tearing up. I also saw one that had some of L's best moments. 

I couldn't help but want to share with other people who've already seen this series. So here come my thoughts on L






So here we go. I cannot tell you how well written this character is. Just for the fact that I knew at some point he was going to die...well everyone does at some point...but there were so many points were he's accepted it, and I expected it. But he doesn't die and ends up getting a checkmate several times. It is after we get to see more of his quirks and behaviors as endearing that he's gone. I knew it but didn't want to accept it...

For the most part, he was always a step ahead. It was like he knew how to match wits and was sort of playing with Light as he went along. The way he just looked so amused when a new challenge came up and Light met every single one. Amusement is such an odd reaction. It's like he was bored until picking up the Kira case.

I had not been so emotionally moved by anime since (another spoiler for people who have not watched Cowboy Bebop) what happened to Spike in the finale. OK. Maybe Wolfwood in Vash the Stampede. That was a heavy moment for me. Death was not like Superman coming back or having rewrites where they still exist in some alternate universe. It felt kind of like how I feel about life at this moment.

I am getting irritated that every character I like dies! So it's not every character but I tend to end up liking the meaningful death types. I must be drawn to people who have a short life span and they live life recklessly? Now that I think of it, yes I am...I even was fascinated with James Dean as a kid. Then Brandon Lee. Yeah it all makes sense now. : (

It is funny how the one character that should be the most serious as the sleep deprived highest ranking detective was an aloof and strange genius entertainer of sorts. Death was just one of those challenges instead of an end game. That character sort of spun me on my head from the usual straight laced genius detectives. In a way, I could probably relate to all his strange eccentric behaviors and such. 

OK. So maybe I am extremely attached to this character because...he's just too much like me. I'm not a genius like him...sometimes I quit well before I'm even ahead...but I tend to be very childish and pursue challenges because of my personal interest instead of what is just. I attempt to but when I get bored, I quit...I admit to that. Maybe in a way, I'm like that sense...but I'd rather be involved than watch like Ryuk did. I'm stupidly confrontational like L at times that I often draw too much attention when I could have done things more discretely. I can see that...definitely...

It's a little bit of a reality slap in the face because I have at often times confronted death without hesitation. Because I've made it so many times, I often wonder when my own time will run out.

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4 Responses Nov 12, 2008

I am going to admit some thing really nerdy. I was watching battlestar galactica and I heard L's voice when Lt. Gaeta was onscreen. I went..."omg, that's L!" and it really was the guy that does his voice in the anime. Complete nerd moment. lol...yeah...L has to be on my top ten of all time favorite characters.

Lawliet is awesome lol. I'm like him in every way.

I know, I was aware of his thoughts in the manga as well and just connected the dots. I love how weird he is..."I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret." <br />
<br />
Ah Cowboy Bebop is such an excellent anime. There were so many characters I got attached too on there that it wasn't even funny!

I hate to say it but I'm sick of my favorite characters dying too! L was a fantastic character I thought, I loved his little quirks from the very beginning (such as "If I sit any other way my reasoning ability drops" haha)<br />
I think his death in the manga affected me more than the anime, not because I knew it was coming for once but because of his final thoughts in the manga being taken out of the anime. >:|<br />
<br />
The only other anime death that affected me so much was Gren from Cowboy Bebop. He may have only been in two episodes but he was a wonderful character