Hi Everybody!so This Is What I Have to Say

First of all I think that Death note is one of the best anime I have ever watched. As you could of guesed I love L,he is just so mystirous and it's so cute how much he likes sweets,yet I can't help but wonder, why? why? I mean who in their right mind would kill the best character in an anime and every time it happens all over again,every single time the best character dies...

At the beginig you just can see that L is going to die and hope it would happen as later as posible.....but...it always hapens really erly.I have personaly just started watching the anime and when that episode came I couldn't stand watching anymore...I locked myself into my room and listend to sad music a whole week......I still can't get myself to watch with my friends(they are all Light's fans).

L was very cute in an interesting way.His maners,the way he sits it's all quite sweet when you think about it.He never lies,as soon as he was suspecting Light he said it right to his face and he confessed that he's L.The way he runs the invastigation is amazing,you just can't tell what will he do or say next.

About his looks,some might say that he isn't atractive but when you see his gaze all you se pure honisty and justice.Thoose deep eyes make me wonder just how he actualy is shy.

As time passed I got on with the anime but.....it just wasn't the same......      

Soon I got up and started watching with interest I started thinking: ,,Who should be the new guy I shall adore,ofcourse nobody could be like L",after some good thought I decited to be Near becouse he was replacing L.

The thing about L's death that makes me mad most is how Light as soon as L fell cought him.....he looked straight into his eyes and smiled knowing that he was responcible,does that guy have any guilt at all? He wanted to revenge L's death that litlle bastard!As ryuk once said to Light: ,,As soon as you open your mouth you lie and your geting better by the second"

The cutes thing was when L said ,,I'll give you this strowberry if you keep it a secret" I loughed like forever

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L is so pwnage its awsome

you KNOW that death note is the best movie i"ved ever seen it is so very nice but most of all my idol in the movie is L he is so very amazing i like L HEis my first CRUSH and LOVE........

I like L a lot, he's my second favorite character. I like him because he is like the epitome of social outcast but because of that he is able to completely detach himself from the world to get **** done. My favorite is Ryuk, a guy who screws with the world out of boredom and just hangs around for his own amusement is pretty cool. I love the scene where he tells Light that he didn't care who got the death note, he just wanted to watch the world burn.