Blk Labs Are the Best

I have one now and she is the best.

My brother had another one and he was a great dog.

Love both of them

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I love labs because they are so sweet and their whole purpose according to their behavior is to make the people around them happy. They are used for more purposes than any other type of dog I can think of. They look for bombs, imported illegal foods, and drugs in public places. They are also used to look for survivors in earthquakes, bombings and other types of natural disasters. They are also used for sensing seizures in people (primarily kids) before they happen so they can comfort them or get assistance. They are also used for people unable to see, seeing eye dogs. Labs are also sporting dogs as in competition for jumping and endurance/obsticle courses. Not too mention the fact labs are used in hunting. Labs are so adaptable to nearly any situation you can think of. They do everything for love and companionship. They are so smart and learn things so quickly. I am on my second lab, my family has had many of them and I could never consider another breed. Goldens are great but their hair grows all the time so they need to be groomed at least a few times a year otherwise their hair will grow and get so long that it will collect odors from all the places it goes. Not so with a lab, their hair is really no longer than a couple inches and they don't collect odors like a golden does. Plus they have the same sweet disposition of a golden without the grooming hassles. I love the fact that I can take my dog around newborns. Or the elderly and he won't climb up on anyone let alone even think of biting people. I looked at an article a few days ago talking about the most likely dog breeds to have insurance claims leveled against their owners. Even with the fact that labs are the most popular breed in the US they weren't on the list of the top 10 breeds. You would think even as the lab is the most popular breed it would be understandable just ba<x>sed on the numbers labs would be on the list, but no, they are not. The only thing you need to do is walk the dog or if you have the room let it roam so it can get its mind stimulated and so it will get the excercise it needs. I walked my dog for 5 miles earlier today and he is happy, content and sleping by my feet as I type this. Gotta love a Lab!

Labs are awesome... I love the one that kind of adapted my youngest boy as her own he loves her and she watches him like a hawk but is always there, I am not sure if he will ever fully understand that she was with him from the time we brought him home, she takes care of all of them and loves each of them...

They are great, get a female and let her have a litter then get her fixed she will be great.