A Revelation

Okay last night, I had a revelation that I felt compelled to share:
First, I will give you a little basic info.
My husband and I have a very close relationship. We share everything, well almost everything. ha
Concerning Bedtime:
My husband is one of those people that can fall asleep within 10 minutes of getting in bed. Although, I have to say for about 3 months now, he has been extremely tired. Falling asleep in the den, while watching TV, which is very usual for him. anyways
I on the other hand, suffer from severe insomnia. . I actually only sleep every second or third day. I mean completely wired, not drowsy during that time or anything. My mind never shuts down, constantly having thoughts, concepts, rambling, ideas, and sometimes just venting in my head, until the Dr. found just the right combinations of meds to get me to go to sleep. So I take 3- 10 mg Melatonin( one would work on just about anyone) I take- 2 ambien, and 1- 1mg zanax. I know, I know, its alot, but the only way I can sleep like normal people do.
Okay, time for the revelation:
I am laying in bed staring at the TV, wondering when the meds are going to kick in. I know I took them over an hour ago. Okay now I am going to narrate what exactly as close to being completely accurate as I can.

Okay this is the conversation going on In my mind:
D**** it why can't I sleep. Look at him, I wish I could fall asleep like him. Maybe I should accidentally kick him, and make him stay up with me. No, let him sleep! I know I took my medicine. Look at him, what an ***, sleeping like a baby! Don't they put anything but reruns on at this time of night. How is he sleeping so good.
OMG>>>>>>>I am drugging him. Okay I take meds. don't care about the label instructions about Breast Feeding, because I don't have a baby, what do I care. That F?er is sucking my meds right out of me. No wonder I am not sleeping, hes getting stoned on my boobs! That selfish little bast***. Okay he doesn't know, but d*** it, I want to sleep. You just wait until tomorrow night, no boobs after I take my meds. I'll teach him! Just wait. Just wait and see!

okay so I carry on lots of weird conversations in my head. But Revelation was
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

That's so funny, I was reading down your story thinking that's just like me I'm always wide awake when my wife is fast asleep. Whenever we go to bed she drops off instantly and I'm just there thinking this isn't fair. It's even worse when we have an argument and go to bed, I think no she'll never be able to get to sleep like this and then she just drops off. So not fair.

What really struck a chord though is when I got to the bottom and you talk about Breast Feeding. ha ha I've been nursing from my wife for a while now.
Maybe I need to suckle and get more milk from her so I can be like your man, Although at the moment I think I just make her sleep like a baby after a session.