The Most Amazing Concerts Ever

I was lucky enough to see Lacuna Coil TWICE this year at the same venue near my university. I can honestly say that both times were absolutely incredible, but the second concert was actually life-changing.

Even though Lacuna was actually the opening act in both cases, it was very obvious that the whole crowd was there to see them and not the headliners. My friends and I struck up conversation with several other fans, and when a guitar pick was thrown near me in the crowd, and I was fighting desperately to find it in the dark, a young man several feet away from me found it and actually turned around and handed it to me!

But the most amazing part of the whole experience was the show itself. It took until the second show until I realized what made Lacuna so absolutely wonderful. When Christina and Andrea are singing, it is amazing, but it's when they are not singing that is astounding! Unlike most performers who just try to clasp hands or dance stupidly around the stage, you can just tell how much they FEEL the music: acting out every word and feeling every emotion there is. I was on cloud nine for days afterwards.

Can you tell I am completely obsessed with this band?
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2 Responses Jul 5, 2010

I know, right! I couldn't stand that much awesomeness in one evening! =)

That show was amazing. I'm still psyched about how great it was. So much energy!!