She tells him that she's loving the silky sensation of her very full-skirted full slip falling from its gorgeous shiny ribbon straps under her even more full-skirted summer dress. Lounging naked on her bed, he takes in the erotic delicious froth of the lacy slip beneath her swirling, flimsy dress, as well as the glossy ivory of her nylon stockings and the simplicity of her black six-inch stilettos. "You know what a thrill lace gives me under my dresses and skirts ..."

Now she tells him that there is so much sheer wedding white nylon, with bands of the prettiest delicate lace, in her slip, that its beautiful skirt caresses her suspenders and the very lacy tops of her sheer glossy stockings beneath her dress. 'And I'm wearing very, very lace-adorned French knickers that are so loose and light and silky - so much beautiful sensuous sheer nylon - that they add to the wonderful feeling of my lovely petticoat, and won't restrict our pleasure: you'll find that they add to it! But then you know how much I love lacy, silky white nylon lingerie,' she tells him and points to a chair near the bed: 'Look at that lacy ankle length peignoir and gown I'm going to put on when we come back after our date, all silky sheer double nylon. (If you like, I could keep my other silky lingerie on, too!)"

She pauses; her words are so arousing for her, too. " ... And look at the four-layers of lacy calf-length silky nylon in that petticoat I'll wear under my dress when we go out." She indicates the can-can riot of delicate lacy nylon tumbling out of a lidless box on the wine table. "But first .... " and she reaches for a half slip he's been touching the gathered waistband of. "This is special ...!" And she steps into it, giving him a glimpse of her heavenly French knickers as she pulls its full-circle of plain, very, very silky and sheer nylon on under her slip, before stepping out of her girly dress. She shudders and smiles: "Oh, the wonderful sensation of layers of lace and nylon ... !"

Now, she simply can't wait any longer, and with a swirl of heavenly silky nylon, lace and be-ribboned frou frou, she is astride him: "Oh Darling ....!" She breathes to her almost transfigured lover ....
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I have enjoyed a similar pleasure in lot of lace petticoats and French knickers ?

Lovely story, you write great lingerie stories, very erotic.

Shemay be breathing but I am breathless! I would delight in my lover (my wife!!!) astride me in petticoated and knicker frou frou and swish. So dainty and feminine. And oh so erotic!
Transfigured? Absolutely.