Humiliated In Front Of My Girlfriend

Twenty years ago, when I was 19, my girlfriend tricked me into being at her pool in speedos (they were common in those days) and another guy came out the house dressed the same.
My girlfriend (of 2 years) introduced us and said she had started seeing him.
He said he wanted to wrestle me to humiliate me or was I too much of a coward........I studied him and my jaw dropped. He was 3 inches taller than me with a fit, muscular build. To avoid her thinking I was a coward, I agreed. Bad mistake.
After dominating me and toying with me for about 5 minutes, he put me in a very painful hold and I had to submit. But he just put the hold on harder and told me I had to beg for mercy. I did and he then made me tell my girlfriend I accepted she was his girlfriend now which I also did. He eventually let me go, pushed me on my back and put his foot on my chest in a triumphal pose.
Only then did I look at my girlfriend. She was laughing at me yet rubbing herself in excitement.
I absolutely hated it and thought it the worst experience in my life. But the funny thing is that, as the years went past, the incident started to excite me and twenty years later thinking about it makes me hard.
Much more happened but this is my first story as I am a newbie and I'm not sure what more I should say. If anyone is interested I will tell what happened next...>
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Please Tell!!!!

Well, Ms Sweetcandyapples, I love your style and stories. Can I befriend you? I will tell more of this story this weekend when I have time. Knowing your style, Ms SCA, I don't think you will be disppointed hearing about things from the loser's point of view,

read some dtorys from other like minded people and you will see that you are really quite frree to say anything hear so go for it tells what else you have been up to....