My Aunts Feet

So i have a little bit of a foot fetish. I went to my aunts house, an aunt that ive only met once so it was kind of a cool experience. She is beautiful and has a great body for her age 47.She walked around barefooted for the week i spent there at her house and i would always glance at her feet wishing to give her a massage. On the last day i was there i said 'F IT' im going to go for it so we were outside on her balconly looking at the view of new york and i decided to go inside and get lotion and just ask her and what ever happens happens. I got it and out it in my pocket and went back outside but i couldnt find the balls to ask her i didnt even know how to go about telling her if i could? any help i also have a pic of her soles if anyone is interested
evh78 evh78
1 Response May 14, 2012

Next time don't say a word just sit at her feet take out the lotion and give them a good rub down.

i should :)