Tactile Sensuality

For most males, this seems to start around or before puberty. It did for me, and the need was greater because I was at a boys only boarding school, and because I'm totally blind, so tactile sensuality is it for me, not having access to the pictures in fashion catalogues and magazines as my sighted friends did and do.

I'd always been fascinated by nylons, and got a chance to acquire some when I got a female part in a school play. Soon after that, I started borrowing my mother's, and I'll probably never have the courage to ask her if she noticed. Soon after that, the magical addition of a slip happened. They're great on their own, but swishing against stockings, they're fantastic. That gets my nipples erect and sensitive. I like to pull a full slip down to just above my knees, so there's lots to move around against my nylons while I touch myself. I'm happily married now, but this part of my sex life endures - you might say in a separate box.
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Nothing nicer than a full nylon slip and silky knickers underneath.

Very nice!

Fabulous sweetie