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Loving Rainwear

I like many guys love Rainwear and our attraction started in most cases at an early age

This to the masses or perhaps they could regarded as narrow minded individuals in todays society is weird,strange etc and we are looked upon as "pervs"

So what is a guy who prefers ladies rainwear labelled as?

Whatever we are labelled as I belong to this group...attracted to macs designed for the "fairer sex" for many years

I dare say many will remember in early 1950s when plastic macs could be bought almost anywhere

My brother(five years older than me) and myself were kitted out in dark grey or black plastic macs generally purchased from Woolworths where they were displayed individually on hangers

But my sister...she was spoilt for choice.....a wide variety of colours and a many female plastic macs

Needless to say I would try on her macs...not only the plastic ones but her school Gaberdine mac.....Buttoned to the neck....tightly belted...the deep hood...I was converted at an early age

Luckier than most as my sister...on l;eaving school in 1959 and wanting to be a fashionable teenager would buy PVC macs..._Plastic Macs and trendy Trenchcoats which I tried on when all alone

I found nylon macs myself on a wander round our local C&A

My wife just couldnot understand my love of macs and in thwe twenty five years we were together my mac wearing was restricted to outdoors

Since 1999...on my own I spend so much time indoors in my ladies macs....on occasions I have ventured out in one as it was dark blue or black but most are bright colours and have that feminine look about them

My regul;ar macs for outdoor wearing is a Trenchcoat or a lightweight nylon mac and on occasions I have been on walks with fellowq mac enthusiasts...kitted out in my long plastic mac

My interest in macs has now been with me for so many years...I get comfort and pleasure from wearing them for all the right reasons
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A fabulous recollection!!!

I too have loved mackintoshes of all kinds since 1950s favourite is the seethru plastic mac
but also love nylon pvc rubber etc shame that the girls have nice colours do not know why us guys are expected to look dull. I spend most of my indoor time wearing a mackintosh.
I have on dark blue pvc as i write. Have nylon and plastic in many colours. Wear navy nylon for out doors sometimes a red. Have been out in turquise but have been called after by yobs sad world. Valerie

me and the wife and family dog were out for a walk along the banks of the river Blackwater in Essex, during the latest rain we had, we donned our pvc macs and pvc over trousers , and set out for a nice plastic walk along the river banks, we had got about a mile along the path, when a couple approached us, they were clad in a two piece black pvc suit with long wellingtons, they mover out of our way, I said its a lovely day, they said we like your rain wear, so we stopped to talk to them, we swopped places where we had bought out plastic rainwear, we later met up in a small cafe further along the footpath, we sat and talked about, the plastic fetish they said that it all started for them, when they were young, thanks to Woolworths where you could buy lots of plastic macs in different colours, before it was deemed as a fetish to be seen wearing a plastic mac in public, or that you were gay, being a adult baby didnt come into it in the early 60's, I said that I had always worn a plastic mac fetish or not, it was finding out where to buy them, I dont like the thin poncho's or the heavy rubberised macs, I did like to wear a cycling cape and overtrousers when cycling, but they stopped making pvc capes, they are mostly Nylon now, we have agreed to meet up with this couple again, so if its raining and you want to meet like minded people, head for the footpath along the river Blackwater in Essex.

PVC Capes available costing ~£10 @Wilko's

Keep wearing your mac outside and you never know, you meet meet up with one of the many of us who also enjoy wearing our mac.

I'm not sure it's a verry small group of plastic mac lovers... Wearing outside in the open is another thing... I'm a lucky guy, We both found out that we are plastic lovers. We enjoy wearing plastic clothing, also like wearing macs inside and get verry horny in them playing with each other. I think there are more people like us????

I have a lovely blue PVC U Like mac - wear it when I get chance for dog walking but wife not happy being with me when I do

It seems to me that you have put yourself into a small group of people, who feel that they have to hide away when wearing a lovely plastic mac, its a shame that you feel that you need somebody to be with you when you wear a plastic mac outside your house.<br />
Since I was a small lad I have always had a plastic mac, quite often bought at Woolworths, where they had racks and racks of them in their front wondows, that heady smell from the new plastic macs was out of this world, I never have worn a Grey or Black pvc mac, they have always been either white or blue with hoods, I have tried out the ponchos but they are too flimsy and tear easily, Last year we bought several pairs of walking suits in a sale whilst we were in Germany, they are made from medical grade pvc, and are see through white, my wife loves pvc and rubber, but I only love pvc she will sometimes wear a rubber lined nylon mac when we take the dog out in the rain, we go for many walks along the coast where we live, and people wave to us, I go into the local shops wearing my pvc mac if its raining, nobody as shown any interest in me wearing my macs in public, somebody said that they felt it was a fetish to wear rubber or plastic macs, I said whats the point of wearing a ordinary cloth mac when it takes hours for it to dry, where as a plastic mac takes afew minutes to dry off.

Nylon raincoats turn me on so much hun


Interested to read that "nylon raincoats turn you on"

We think alike...sadly there are not many of us think like this...many have a preference to PVC/Plastic...the minority attracted to nylon macs

So may I ask you....your nylon macs?,,,Are they designed for ladies or men

I have had an attraction to rainwear in general for many years and most is for ladies.....this started with me many years ago...attraction to ladies macs

Do you wear them outside

Hope you don"t think I am being nosey...just fascinated that I have found a fellow nylon mac wearer

And yes wearing them does turn me on

Take care


I could not agree with you more about what catagory we suppose to fit in, I have been a devout lover of plastic macs from a very early age and still wear them at every opportunity,<br />
plastic and pvc is where it starts and finishes with me. The Nylon macs are very nice but does not have the same effect on me, Whilst my wife is aware of my feelings towards them she does not participate but knows I wear them loads at night in my own room. I just think its a pity that we mac lovers can not meet and enjoy our pleasures together. I can not think of anything more pleasurable than a stroll in the countryside clad in plastic with a like minded person the same.

Hope you get to wear more of your macs outdoors - where they are meant to be worn

A wonderful desc<x>ription of the joys of rainwear and how most of us got started.<br />
Sadly we are a diminishing generation.

HI MACKGIRL . Think it was around the age of 6 when i first started into rainwear. Was staying with my auntie and her daughter had an orange rubber mac . There it was draped over thr chair baxk in the sitting room . I used to go in there quitere often and touch and feel it . When there was no one around i actually wore it ,it felt wonderful. Ever since i\'ve been a plastic lover for as log as it was manufactured. Love to wear ladies macs , they really turn me on Love to wear a plastic mac as of ten as possible.

Ladies raincoats are so sexy, i particulary like womens nylon parkas with fishtails and nice big hoods to put over your head, the polka dot ones are really sexy x