First Time Helping A Lady With Her Tyres

The very first time I helped a woman out with her tyre was a great experience. While in my last years at school, 17 or so, I took a Saturday job working at a petrol station which had the usual carwash, hoover, airline, petrol pumps and a shop stocking all the usual convenience items. One day I was out in the stock room getting some items to replenish the shelves when I heard Jim (an older guy who worked the till mostly) call me. I walked into the shop and there was a young lady, probably about 20 or so but still older than me, standing at the counter. Jim told me this lady needed some help. She asked me if I could help her with her car, so I followed her outside to the forecourt. I asked her what the problem and she said that one of her tyres needed some air and could I do it for her (I don’t think she had ever filled her tyres before). We walked to her car (a red Metro) which was parked next to the airline. She walked around her car to her front left tyre and bent over and touched the tyre saying “as you can see it’s this one that’s soft.” Just seeing this lady next to her slightly flat tyre really turned me on. While trying to hide my excitement at helping this lady out I knelt down and put the air hose onto her tyre. There was something like 10 pounds only in the tyre. I pressed the lever and soon air was rushing in and filling her soft tyre. All too quickly the tyre was back up to pressure and looking firm. The lady looked relieved. I really didn’t want my enjoyment to end so I took a chance and asked her if she wanted her other tyres checked. She gratefully accepted my offer which I was only too happy to indulge in. Each of her tyres was a little low and I just loved to remove her valve caps, hear the little hiss of air as I pressed the air hose onto the valve and then add a little air to the tyres. She stood behind me and watched as I checked each tyre pressure. Soon the job was done and the lady very grateful for my help. I was just so turned on at that point. Ever since then I have taken great pleasure in seeing a woman having any kind of tyre problems. This ranges from her just driving along on a soft tyre to seeing a woman stranded on the side of the road with a totally flat tyre. If I can help them out of their predicament by changing the flat or even just putting a bit of air in it makes the situation even more enjoyable. And I hate to admit but the more helpless the lady is the better.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I hope you can help me one day with a flat tyre. I am truly hopeless at that kind of thing xox

I hope I can too. That would be very enjoyable for me and hopefully get you out of a bind too.