So, I went to see Lady Gaga's Monser's Bell Tour! It was the most amazing show I've ever seen. I say show and not concert because it was so much more than a concert.

She lived up to her reputation of artistic, edgy, and theatrical nature. The stage was completely transformed several times and her wardrobe changed countless times.

The music was unbelievable! She had great vocals and great changes to the studio versions of the songs to make them more exciting live. She had great dancing and light show all around.

I cannot say enough about how amazing this show was. The only flaw was the opening act. The group that opened for her was only on 20-30 minutes and had really bad songs. The band sounded good with some real potential but the lyrics were terrible. They seemed to be vulgar just for the sake of vulgarity and other times were just repetitive with no story, message, or meaning. The lead singer could not dance at all so he decided to do many high kicks which are impressive but pointless on stage singing the songs he was singing.

Luckily they were only on for a short time and Gaga entered around 20 minutes after they finished when her stage was ready for her. She entered behind a curtain so all that was seen was her shadow and the crowd erupted as she stay motionless singing "Dance in the Dark". The curtain raised and the show officially began.

She ended with a curtain close and pitch black. She waited as the crowd was hysterical knowing that she had yet to perform one major hit, "Bad Romance". The low beat started and the crowd managed to get even louder. The curtain raised to a new stage and full set of dancers around Gaga in all red as she began an amazing live version of "Bad Romance".

Throughout the concert, she made reference to the protesting that had happened by the Westboro Baptist Church and other people who have spoke out against her and the LGBT community. She spoke about acceptance and being yourself no matter what people around you may say. It was truly inspiring when she spoke. She made reference to her charity for homeless LGBT members who have been cast out of their homes by their families because of who they love or who they feel they truly are inside. She is well aware of her fan base and the overwhelming number of LGBT fans and she was both light hearted and serious about acknowledging it.

She is very provocative in her songs and performances much like Madonna but takes it to the next level. She takes music and turns it into pure entertainment and theater much like Michael Jackson but with her own spin. I don't like to compare her to either because both are legends on their own and there will never be another Madonna or Michael Jackson, but I feel the comparisons are the closest available. In the end, Gaga is Gaga and no one will ever be like her. She is a true entertainer and artist. Amazing show and amazing person. I will do everything that I can to attend every tour she goes on from now on.
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I can ask the same of nearly any musician in the world. The exception are acoustic singers, but they are rare and that doesn't make the rest any less talented. She uses electronics to make the music better just as any other musician. She is an artist and expresses herself with all tools available to her. She isn't a fad because of the fact that she does write most of her music and has a following that loves it. She may not appeal to everyone, but no artist does. Madonna uses the same electronic sound as well as many others and they have not gone away. Madonna has been relevant forever. Very few big artists actually write their own music so that isn't a very good judge of talent. Some people write music, others perform, and a few do both. I enjoy her music and her personality that she expresses in many different ways. Her slower "rock ballad" type songs are some of her best where she really shows her vocals and piano skills and they are great songs. "Brown Eyes", "Speechless" "You and I". <br />
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If she's not your thing, then cool, I love her music and I respectfully disagree.