Her Music Is Very Unique

Now, I think Lady Gaga is a lyrical genius. I didn't realize this at first. I had to carefully analyze the lyrics to some of her songs. I realize that many of her songs have "hidden meanings" to them, as well as things in her music videos.For example, when I first heard her new song Judas I thought it was about something totally different than when I heard it a few more times. I thought it was about the relationship between Jesus and another person. This could be true, though; I think it is just one interpretation. Another interpretation I find is that it when Lady Gaga says she loves Judas, what it really means is that she loves all the things that religion has deemed "wrong". Well this is just my point of view.
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I had seen an interview where she had said it herself. But I agree with you, too.

There are different interpretations to this. I'm not saying they are all wrong, but I don't think it's about falling in love with the wrong person even after being betrayed. This is because that interpretation is just too straight-forward. Lady Gaga's lyrics are never straightforward. She uses a lot of symbolism and metaphors. She rarely ever says exactly what she means. That interpretation is too obvious; not what Lady Gaga would have wanted. Also, using this interpretation, not all of the lyrics make sense to me.

Judas is about falling in love with the wrong person over and over again, even when he betrays your trust repeatedly.