Monster Ball

It never really sunk in how good Gaga was until I saw her HBO special. :) She had a great energy and I love the way she used her theater experience to create the concert into a show instead of just standing up on stage singing into a mic like most bands do. Even though most of the focus was on her, she'd introduce a member of her group by name as the camera panned over, giving them all a bit of spotlight too. I thought that was a really sweet thing to do since most of these people just fall back behind the star. I know a lot of people give Lady Gaga crap for dressing the way she does, but they don't seem to understand the message she's trying to send- "I'll be whoever I wanna damn well be, dress how I wanna dress, sing what I wanna sing and screw you if you don't like it!"

Now how is that a bad role model?
warclaw warclaw
26-30, F
May 14, 2011