Oh My Gaga

Lady Gaga is literally my God. I worship her and all her music. I can not get enough of her.

She really is the most inspirational woman to me. I was stunned that she donated a mere $20,000 to charity at one of her concerts. She really is a good person and her haters don't see that.

Another major reason why I love her is because she is a pro-gay activist and she has all these millions of fans ACROSS THE WORLD that listen to her music and spread the word.

She is the most famous pop star in the world right now. Justin Bieber isn't even no where near as famous as she is.. (besides, his 15 minutes of fame are already up).

I am a true Little Monster and I have been since she rose to fame in 2008. I've always loved her and I always will.

So Mrs. Gaga, you need to hurry up and come to Florida! I am having a severe case of Gaga fever and only you can cure it!

Thank you so much God :)

Your Little Monster
GuessWhoHatesFL GuessWhoHatesFL
70+, M
Feb 10, 2012