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Prayer Request For Garvan's Mother

He is so worried for his Mother's health again. She rallied this last 12 months however now there is a vast decline in her well being.She is in heart failure,diabetic,stage 3 kidney decline"
garvan wants her to have some more time of well being and quality time to come.

Please send your Prayers, Love, Light, Blessings, Good Energies, and Positive Thoughts...................

Many Blessings in return for those who respond......

ELFINSONG ELFINSONG 56-60, M 9 Responses Feb 24, 2012

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LittleLena thank you for adding your Prayers for garvan's Mother.<br />
<br />
many Blessings to you in return<br />
<br />

Awwww........ Thank you sweetheart

My Shepherdess............. thank you for adding your prayers and comments............<br />
<br />
Many Blessings to you my dear friend<br />
<br />

Your Mom and you are in my prayers, Garvan. I'll pray for "Thy will be done". These are very sad and difficult times in our lives. Peace be to you.

Thank you so much.

Garvan thank you for allowing me to be of service and for acknowledging those who have responded.<br />
<br />
I need no thanks or praise............... I am glad to be a conduit from your request to my friends who are strong in their abilities to bring healing to many<br />
<br />
I so respect them all for their caring hearts<br />
<br />
Garvan you are in my prayers as well my friend

Elf your kindness is beyond words,you continue to demonstrate what a kind caring man you are.I really do appreciate this,and to those who respond my gratitude is eternal.<br />
To those of you who may know of me you will understand I strongly believe in the power of prayer,I am positive it saw my Mother through her second open heart surgery.She is in decline now however she does have the odd good day.We are a close family and my love and devotion to my Mother has no bounds.<br />
Thank you,thank you for your thoughts,your prayers.Peace and goodwill to you all and God Bless you.<br />

Thank you Trasa for the Prayers and Love for garvan and his Mother<br />
<br />
Many Blessings in return for your thoughtfulness,<br />
<br />

Prayers & Love sent for Garvan and his family...<br />
Thanks Elf for your thoughtfulness.

Trasa my friend,thank you so much.

*HUGS* Hope all is well with you...

Thank you LadyBronte for your Prayers.....................<br />
<br />
Many Blessings to you in return,<br />
<br />

So sad. Prayers.

Very much appreciated,thank you.