So, I'm wide awake, tired of studying for my upcoming exams, so, I decided to take a break! Then I stumbled on something that caught my attention! Battered Women's Syndrome!!! It is a legal state of mind which abused women usually suffer! Yes, it actually exists; in women who suffer extended physical abuse in the hands of their spouse! I can relate to this because my mother went through the same thing,until she mustered courage to take my dad to court! So, today, the 10th of January, 2013, I learnt that "In life, there is no honor in silent suffering. There is no affection, no comfort to be found in love that is abused! It is our responsibility as females (mothers-in-training) to raise our sons to treat women with love and respect, not violence and anger. Only then will the suffering end. My story is just a little piece of the big picture! I may not be important, but this issue is.please do not forget that there are many women out there who need help! PLEASE!!! {Provoked}
caddyboo caddyboo
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013