I Was Shocked!

My daughter and wife hounded me into watching her videos and listening to her music and like I do with everything i researched everything I could find about her......well at least to me she is so talented and unique.....she reminds me of when OutKast first hit the scene...........I hope she continues to be unique and make music.......for now I find her style, history, music and act not only unique but captivating...........I know that is strange to hear from an old man! 

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She has stage personality and handles chat shows very well.

Thanks, that comment was rather weird.<br />
<br />
But, the truth of the satanic music industry is rather deep.

hello dear sir, I believe that you are a man of rather high intelligence.<br />
<br />
I would encourage you to search lady gaga on this website<br />
<br />
www.vigilantcitizen.com<br />
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this website contains the real truth of the illuminati controlled media.<br />
<br />
infotainment isn't harmless.

I contend in ten years her songs and looks will be lost into the has been of performers. She will last about as long as Deborah Harry in the group Blondie.

Cap~ Agreed! I like to bust on and be busted in return. Way too many people are uptight these days. I say undo the tie, let go!! Hmmm Johnny Mathis...isn't that a little slow for todays beat Ha-ha!!! I wouldn't do that to you. Perry Como maybe LOL

Affection, keep bustin! I like it when people bust on me, like they say don't dish it out if you can't take, well I dish so I like when you bust on, I just glad you didn't say I might have been attracted to Johnny Mathis!.....(singing)......"Chances areeeeee because you wear a silly grinnnnnn".........hahahahahaha

Cap~ Hey I appreciate that you are into the arts and your daughters interests. Very honorable; besides you know I was just bustin on ya, but she kind had a little of Mary J in her look. Hmmm Nora has real possibilities. Maybe a combo then between Nora and Beyonce? LOL Would that do it!!!

Thanks Brooklyn, I just find her so unique and dedicated to just be herself, very much like OutKast......she really caught my attention, my daughter and wife dance like crazy everytime Pokerface comes on.........I hope she sticks around for a long time, I think she will only continue to amaze..........thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

I recently read a comment she made that I loved...she said that "other artists want your money to buy range rovers, diamonds, etc., i want your soul"<br />
I have Poker Face as my ringtone...I love it, fits me perfectly =0)

Hey Affectioncraver......I like mary J. blige's music, but not a fan of her look!.......Lady Gaga was born in Yonkers and was part of a street troupe, she is a trained dancer and now a singer....I think I like her because she is so different.....either way my daughter thinks its funny I think she is cute........keeps me young....well at least that is what I keep telling myself!<br />
Now if you would have said Nora Jones, or Beyonce well......I can hear it in my head"......" All the single ladies O O O O "......hahahahha, thanks for commenting..

I think cap was attracted to the Mary J. Blige side of her actually!! LOL!

Oh no you didn't.............I just like how different she is, and I think she is very attractive............much like you my little pet!