Loving A Ladyboy Is Truly A Life Changing Experience..

I'm currently in a loving relationship with a ladyboy, and can honestly say it's a life changing experience! Until just over two years ago I had only ever heard about them in conversation or read about them online, and now after spending most of my life having emotionally unfulfilling relationships with "straight" women, I find myself both physically and spiritually happier than I've ever been! And if that means I'm bisexual, I'm frankly way past caring what other people think, anyway. Being a long distance relationship (she's in the Phillipines and I'm in the UK) it's sometimes very difficult and expensive, but when we're together (as often as time & finances permit) it's as close as blissful can get. She's about half my age, but it doesn't seem to make any difference over there, as their society, despite it's many problems, is not nearly as ageist as we are in the West, and she's also an honest and hard-working person. I just want to say to all the hard-bitten cynics and doubters, that real love is truly possible with an Asian ts, but you just have to get off your butt and go there and meet them for yourself. Chatting online is no substitute for the real thing...and can also leave you open to the minority scammers out there who not only spoil it for everyone else, but give their own country a bad name. Peace & Love.

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Good luck & future happiness you both! Hope you don't mind my asking, but where are you getting hitched? Presumably not in the Philippines, as being a Catholic country, they still don't accept same sex marriages? R8

Like you Romeo my partner is TS from the Philippines. She is a lawyer.<br />
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We are getting married in a civil ceremony very soon. <br />
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I fell in love with the person she is. Gender never came into it.. You either love somebody or you don't. If you just find TS a turn on then a TS relationship is not right for you.<br />
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We are very much in love and have been living together in Manila, whwere I work as an ex-pat, for 2 years.<br />
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Love conquers all - that is all that matters.

hi romeo8 great story very happy for you,i have never been to the philipines,i spend most of my time in indonesia.i have a few lb friends these girls are great company no complications,also terrific lovers,in indo these girls are accepted as normal girls not as oddities like in the west.my girl of the moment is aleesha she has just had her boobs done she looks fantastic.i dont understand why people get so wound up about these lovely girls.in indo bencong means ladyboy hehe.cheers

Thanks italyboy, glad u approve..and here's to your own happiness...and an even more enlightened and open society in our lifetime. As for being regarded as a "sex freak", i'm sure that kind of label is mostly a manifestation/combination of fear, envy, curiosity, insecurity and just plain ignorance, in many so-called "hetro" males. Maybe one day they'll teach these guys to appreciate the "3rd gender" in high school, but until then, i say - their loss is my gain! Right my friend? x

i wish more men would relise that we girl/boys can and are great life partners and not just some sort of sexs freaks thanks for shareing and long live your love ................ ( :

Thanks JS.Much appreciated. Luv the pink panties btw!<br />