In Muskoka Ontario

I have been to Muskoka many times. It is a wonderful cottage region in Ontario, Canada. There are over 900 lakes in this region. My favorite is Lake of Bays. The three other big ones are Joseph, Muskoka and Rousseau.
All four seasons are beautiful but my favorite is always summer. The Lakes have wonderful coastlines, the water is clean, the people you meet are friendly. There are plenty of cottages available but book early.

My second favorite season is winter, the snowmobiling up here is second in my mind only to Jackson, Wyoming. Make sure you stay for 4 days or longer, you still can't ride all the trails. Again book your accommodations early.

My secret lake, well not mine but it is kind of a secret. It's between 61/2 and 7 miles long. Only accessible by ATV or seaplane in the summer and snowmobile in the winter. Can tell you the name of it cause then I'd have to kill you, lol.
There are only two cottages on this whole lake and they are over 5 miles apart. It is over 9 miles away from another civilization.
In fact if it wasn't for an occasional jet flying overhead you could think you were in your own separate world.
I've never been anywhere else where I felt so at peace.
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Sep 26, 2011