Lake Anna

Lake Anna is a man made lake complete with paved sidewalks and a place in the shallow end for the children to swim in the Summer. Swans live there and ducks and geese visit noisily. The legend states that it is "bottomless" HOW can a man made lake be bottomless??? It added to the allure and mystery of the area.

I used to love to walk around it with my boyfriend and we would sit on the bench; kiss and embrace and watch the birds and people around the lake Years later, I took my elderly mom and young son to the Lake to play and have a picnic under the shadow of the gazebo. There is a Veteran's War Momument there. I was always thankful for the men (and women) who have served in our military and respectfully would read their names aloud in their memory. 

It is a serene spot. Just one of the many lakes that I have visited and admired.

fightn4me fightn4me
46-50, F
Apr 22, 2012