I Live On a Lake

Hi, I am new. I hope no one hates me, but I live on a lake. I am so lucky. I have had some difficult times in my life. The thing that kept me going was my passion for lakes, nature etc. As a kid, the once-a-year holidays at the lake stayed with me. Because I have some anxieties, the lake, water is where I found peace and happiness. I shared this passion with my first husband. (we liked to fish) That relationship ended but not the passion for the relaxed environment of water. Married again, had kids, we always went camping, to the beach, friends cottages etc. Always my best times. But I always dreamed of owning a cottage. I thought of it as my escape from the stresses of life. Well I never got that but the dream did not die. Left the second marriage, job etc and found a little house on the lake. Nature at my doorstep. My dream come true. The downfall at this moment is to find a job. That is another story. I would love to stay here forever but that will not be possible unless I iron out a few things. So even if I can't keep it, at least Ive had it.  (3 years now) Hope I did not ramble too much. But yes, I believe it is something I am passionate about. I also love to read on a sandy beach.



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1 Response Apr 10, 2007

I also want to own a cottage. That was my dream ever since I was a little girl. I love lakes too. There's a large pond three blocks my apartment building, it has geese and colorful fish. Nature is so peaceful and calming.