Just Wanted To Say ......

Me to ..... xx

salar1 salar1
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I just did

Welcome come on in .....

I love her too, I should join

Yes I know Cakes , still your contribution to this site shoud not go un recognised , across all groups and many subjects you add your experiance and knowledge ,not just wisdom in those words but the confidence to state your opinnion an example to all that we all can contribute ......<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
:o) enjoying the love in .....

I have more than enough from you guys, that's all that's needed : )

You deserve all the plaudits lady , thought EP may have sent a few .......

I'll bring the cakes ;P

I will bring the whipped cream ....

Hehe we having a love in?

You have a vitality and an appetitie for life cakes , you say things get you down but in all honesty they really dont , Cakes you bounce back ever single time , when reading your storys a smile is never far from my face ....

I think we're all extremely lucky to have you in our lives Salar, never fail to make us smile

Hounered to be a member of the Miss cake club , and to have you as a friend ......

I love you too x