I've Loved Lana For A While.

I first started liking Lana at about August last year, however I kind of forgot about her. It wasn't until December 21st 2011 when I got 'Off to the Races' as a promotional single on iTunes that I started to really love her.
I'm on all sorts of Lana sites, I even run my own. I'm also on the new forum LanaBoards.
I'm so glad I'm a fan, her music relates to me so much - it's as if she's wrote those songs with me in mind.
However, I don't only have her Born To Die stuff, I have most of her demos and unreleased songs. I've also got her old album Lana Del Ray A.K.A Lizzy Grant and I have 'Sirens' an album released in 2004.

So yes, I love Lana Del Rey with my heart and soul <3
FloridaDark FloridaDark
13-15, F
Sep 8, 2012