I'm Learning Korean ^^

I love languages. Right now I'm learning Korean and have learned Japanese in the past. I find the Korean language much easier for me to learn because I find more interest because of the music and dramas and movies and MEN! XD I think everyone should learn up a second language because it's very helpful especially when your trying to get a higher position job. Knowing a second language or more is a plus ;]
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I definitely agree with you that learning a language is a plus when looking for job, these days it is not enough to be bi-lingual, employees are looking for people who can speak at least 3 languages. I thought with English and German that would be enough, but no, the employers expect Chinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish or whatever. Korean I think must be a very difficult language. I have had some Korean students in my class and have one in my class at the moment. They are usually good at learning English grammar but have difficulty speaking English, but then when I tried to pronounce some words in Korean I nearly broke my tongue. So now at least I see what problems they have learning English. I think I will sticke to Turkish and Arabic they are somewhat easier. But I wish you success with your Korean, don't give up.

I am intrigued by Korean, too. The written language is different, I want very much to learn to write as well as speak it. I am just doing my own informal studies, with library materials and free cd's I snagged at a Korean store.<br />
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Good luck with your career plans.

Finnish pronunciation isn't very difficult , but the grammar was hard at the beginning because it was so different. <br />
Are you studying alone or in a class? I did Finnish alone, but have studied other languages at college many years ago.<br />
Do you have any Japanese or Korean friends? I have one Japanese friend who has lived here in the UK for almost 40 years.

Do you find that there are a lot of vocabulary/structural similarites between Japanese and Korean? Do you hope to use your Japanese and korean at work eventually? I admire you for learning two such different languages. <br />
I speak Finnish and found it very hard at first, till I got used to it.

It's very similar to each other and some words are similar to one another, like the word "Bag" In the beginning I only wanted to learn the two languages just for fun, but I found out that I can use it for the type of job that I want. And wow, you know how to speak Finnish? That must be really hard. Especially with the pronunciations.