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My passion is languages.  When I was 13 I was wandering around in the library looking for a book to finish a report, and stumbled across a book titled "Teach Yourself Biblical Hebrew", it had never occurred to me before that I, me, could learn a languages.  The next two months was spent teaching myself the alphabet, and random words, and trying to put sentences together in biblical hebrew of all things.  Later on would come many many more languages, it wasn't until highschool that I was allowed to take a real language class, and all they had was french, german and spanish, I wasn't particularly interested in any of those, but german promised to be somewhat interesting. College was heaven for me.  Arabic, chinese, japanese, farsi, korean, all available for me to learn.  I spent more time in language classes than I did taking my required major class :P
I've tried teaching myself sooo many languages in the last 8 years:
biblical hebrew
egyptian hieroglyphics
ancient mayan
But I never really got very far in any of them, I would learn the script, the basics, hello, how are you, yes, no, and figure out how to put a sentence together before I would find a new language I wanted to learn, I'd say the furthest I ever got with any of them was egyptian hieroglyphics, and I didn't know anymore than maybe 800 words..
In college though I was able to take real courses, and officially learn a couple of languages, and managed to fit in two years of arabic, a year of chinese, and a year of german.  My Japanese friends taught me Japanese on the side.
Currently the only language I can speak fluently (besides english) is chinese, and that is just because I've been living in china for a year.  Next year though I am going to Japan and will learn Japanese! And after that maybe Egypt to improve my Arabic!
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i love languages too i know Arabic and English which i wanna improve and i really wanna learn French <br />
good luck in improving Arabic it is the hardest language ever

wow! do you know arabic? I really want to learn it! I'm a chinese girl, but I was born in Italy, so I can speak both the languages without difficulty! I'm improving my english now, and at school I study french and germany too

ONLY learned 800 words in Egyptian Hieroglyphics??? That's pretty dang impressive to me!

so cool,so glad that im a part of language people on earth! (:

Hello Everyone:<br />
<br />
I just launched my new website to help people learn to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. Check it our at Thanks!

How exiting, to be able to read and speak these languagues, no meaning lost through translations. I have always dreamed of learning other languages, but life for ghetto girl, then turned single mother does not bring about the opportunity to trully educate yourself. The demands of life withouth the proper support system can really put a down a child's dreams. Good fortune to you.......

how inspiring! i love languages and also have a wide smattering of them. at the moment i'm working on korean. i find the hardest part is the sheer amount of memorization involved, and then finding situations where the words are actually useful. the asian languages that are separated by syllables provide an interesting challenge because the sounds sound very simliar to the english-speaking ear and require the mind to think differently. how did you go about learning chinese and what techniques did you find most effective?

To translate the previous:<br />
<br />
That's great! I lived in Sendai, Japan, for 2 years. Let's chat in Japanese sometime. Send me a message.<br />
<br />
Seems like you were able to read it, since you sent me a message about my 2 years in Japan, so your Japanese is not so bad! Keep at it!

こんにちは! gome! わたしの日本語大変です