Bilingual Is 2, Trilingual Is 3 So What's 4 Languages?

 I speak 4 languages, is that quadlingual? I don't know. But I speak English, French, German and Spanish. I'm hoping to learn Polish soon though as a friend of mine Karolina, is infact Polish and I would love to learn her language. I am also planning on attempting Italian sometime in the near future. Maybe in the New Year...

If I do then what would that be? 5 - Quinlingual  (like Qintet, Quintuplets etc) and 6 - Sexlingual ( like Sextuplets etc.)???

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
5 Responses Oct 4, 2007

its really nice for someone to know 4 languages and plan to learn more i currently speak 2 languages Arabic and English and i really wanna learn French<br />
good luck

I'd just say 'multilingual' :) It's great to see someone willing to study Polish, which is my mother tongue. Apart from it, I speak French, Spanish, English and German, so the same languages that you know ;]

It is nice to see others are willing to expand their knowledge of other languages. I, myself, speak English french Hungarian and presently learning Romanian I hop you are able to travel and take advantage of this knowledge and make friends. good for you bravo.

polyglot for many languages (usually >3)<br />
also Multilingual or Plurilingual, if at least 2.

My first reaction was "four languages is a little crazy, and hugely impressive" Good luck with your Polish language adventure! My aunt tells me that learning a language is easier after the first two, since you know how you learn languages best. It sounds like you are poised to be a diplomat extraordinare!