Grown To Love My Labia

When I was younger, I was always uncomfortable wearing pants, that's because my vagina lips would stick out either end, and suck my pants up, my labia was a bit longer and thicker than other girls so normal pants did little to hide them. While everyone else could walk around in their undies, if I wore pants you could see my labia's strong outline and more often than not a bit of flesh would stick out one side of my undies which always made me really self conscious. I tried wearing boxers but then that meant that I couldn't sit down, because if I was wearing a skirt, you'd just have to look underneath at an angle and you could see my lips protruding from my vagina. When I started ************ it didn't help my situation because I always felt the tendency to tug on my labia, stretch them against my vagina and feel the smooth skin. I think long labia's are amazing now. Not only because they make ************ so much more interesting but if someone tries to eat you out it's always good feeling a tug on your neither regions. I no longer find my labia uncomfortable,and whenever I do wear pants I like the outline my large lips make against the cotton material, I like the way they stick out from underneath, I like how I have to shift every now and then to fix them into place, because that means I have to touch my special area and I can keep myself entertained just fondling my lips for ages. Everything I originally hated about them, I adore about them now, their mine and I wouldn't have them any other way :)
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Before I read this story, I just read "Grown to love my large Labia" so I went to google Labia.. got a bit surprised when I found out what it was. Anyway so I read your story.
I think it's an amazing thing you learnt to love something you were so uncomfortable with when you were younger, it's a really great thing. As a guy, I think it's attractive either way, I think both ways are great. Most important is that you're comfortable with the way you are.

They Sound+

Lee Sin and credibly sexy and I'm glad that you enjoy them as much as I would enjoy seeing them myself

Glad youve come round to loving them, I'm sure you have found lots of people really like them as it sounds like you do now.

You are so lucky. More women need to know they are so beautiful and not embarrassing.

I love it too, I love to suck on them and feel them in my mouth, realy love large labias

so glad you enjoy your body. there's nothing sexier than a woman with a healthy love of her own body!

You have a vagina I would love to have a day with!

That is so sexy!!! I love a vagina like that!! More to lick on and play with!! It so sexy and amazing!!

I love large lips I think they are so sexy love to suck on them.

Haha. I have large labia also, so does my sister, Is it hereditary?? LOL. A friend of mine once said if I was a guy, I'd have "big stuff."

Sounds awesome! I'd love to see them! Sounds like you are blessed.

Would love to see a photo of them

I think it looks hot when the thick meaty parts protrude out on undies or shorts.I say wear pants,shorts and let it hang out.

I agree a large labia is amazing. I was sitting on the metro today and this hot girl walks in wearing tight leggings. I caught a glimpse and I saw the shape of her ***** lips through her leggings, she was probably not wearing panties under so it made it stick out more. I immediately got an erection which was a bit embarrassing since there was a lot of people around and it must have been obvious since I was wearing loose shorts.

a womans body is a wonderful piece of art especially when it looks like yours

Such honesty. Good for you...

Love to see them!

I love to see and suck on large ***** lips and since you play volleyball you must wear those tight *** shorts and that ***** of yours must show one hell of a camel toe?? Love those volleyball shorts!!

I love to eat shaved ***** with LARGE labia!!.....the bigger the lips are, the better