Sisters Labia Started It All...

Another story on here fully describes how and when I was able to enjoy the view of my sisters very large pink labia. They were an object of desire extremely young, as all the ***** I had seen until hers were tidy little bald slits.

It was such a contrast to what I had seen before that it burnt an image in my brain that is clear as the words I am typing on this screen.

I was able to touch my sisters ***** many times, but never once got them in my mouth.

I didn't have my first sexual experience with a woman with large labia until college. There were other girls that had big labia, of course, as this is common, but a girl in my dorm who became a quiet secret **** buddy, had EXTREMELY large rouge colored labia.

She was shy, and very tall. 6'1" volleyball player. I remember the first time I peeled her panties down and got her ***** in my mouth. Her labia had been bunched in her panties and only until i got them in my mouth and started to suck and slurp and pull them out with my mouth did I realize how truly large they were.

My fetish with her was face squatting. Lowering her labia to my mouth so I could suck and swirl and tongue her big *****, while enjoying her thick long labia.

She is a cop in Manhattan now. Married and off on a seemingly happy life of her own. I love knowing the little secret she has stuffed in her panties, tucked away in her uniform.

xoxotta9in xoxotta9in
41-45, M
1 Response May 13, 2013

Sexy story.. I love large labia too. I remember the days being a teenager.. the first time you would slide your hand into a girls panties when making out. After I found a girl with huge labia, it was always a disappointment when the next girl had nothing. Large labia ******* seem to get so much wetter and used to feel the best!