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Labia: Bigger Is Better!

Some people hate cleft chins - others love them. Many men, myself included truly love large labia.

Large labia are incredibly sexy. I get hard instantly seeing those big beautiful lips.
Get even more turned on when licking, kissing and sucking on them.

What fun to watch those lips around my **** on the outstroke!

A pleasure to uncover such hidden treasure.

To all you lovely ladies out there with large labia -
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Seanchaidh Seanchaidh 46-50, M 10 Responses Sep 20, 2009

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My wife and I both love Large ones. She hopes to make her's larger.

A new Tumblr site devoted to large labia and to vulva pride:<br />
<br />

This makes me feel a lot better. I have meat curtains and have always been really self conscious about them.

I am saddened to read you. The women who should feel self-conscious are those with coin slot vulvas with no hair. Long labia and large **** are very very sexy. You are a woman of power. Go to the Tumblr site below.

My ex-wife had a huge labia... bigger and longer than most of the pics I've seen so far of gals claiming theirs are "oversized". (She actually thought something was wrong with hers, and believed she caused it by tugging on them in the bathtub as a kid.)<br />
<br />
The thing is, she always had some exhibitionist tendencies (had NO problem going braless in a halter top that just barely covered her nipples even though she was a bouncy 36DD), but she seemed to think nobody would want to see the big lips between her legs.<br />
<br />
Like joe833a who posted earlier, I like women with a really hairy bush too -- which was convenient because my ex used to keep hers pretty bushy, in an attempt to hide the labia a little bit. (She did a little scissor trimming though, just to keep it from growing over the top and out the leg holes of her panties.)<br />
<br />
It took a while, but I gradually got her into showing all of it off. She was already really liking a couple old pairs of jeans I had that were too small for me. I cut them into daisy dukes and gave them to her. The thing is, she had a pretty thick, curvy build so they fit her real tightly too. She wound up cutting the legs completely off, at an angle starting with part of the crotch area cut away on each side. No more restrictions for her big, muscular thighs, but lots of booty hanging out in back! That meant her panties were on display, both in back and between the legs. So that quickly motivated her to go with some thong/bikini underwear.<br />
<br />
In any bikini underwear though, her lips hung out on either side along with lots of hair! She really liked her "ghetto booty" though and wanted to make sure that bottom 3rd. or so of it was on display (closer to half of it when she squatted down in a deep squat... hehe!) -- so she let it all hang out, figuring the daisy dukes would keep the hair and labia mostly hidden anyway. It turns out that didn't always work. If she sat with her legs spread apart or she squatted, her labia would tend to pop out of both sides of the crotch and "swallow it up" when she stood back up!<br />
<br />
Needless to say, that was a BIG turn-on, and because of how much I liked it, she came around to liking it herself too. So the tight little jean shorts became a regular clothing item for her, even though her little belly pooch prevented her from comfortably fastening the top button. (That part was great too, because they'd easily stay up just by zipping the zipper up all the way - but from bending over, sitting down, etc. - her tummy would finally cause it to unzip a little bit, revealing the top of her hairy bush.)<br />
<br />
And yeah, also as was mentioned above, sex was great because it felt like you were getting a BJ every time you pulled out of her.... It was the best, but seems to be fairly rare since I've never come across any other women with larger-than-normal labia since then.

my wife's long labia were once called " steak-ums" by an ******* at our swing club. Tough for him! He didnt get to feel them in HIS mouth! Everyone else that wanted to did though! That particular night, she had 12 men come in her, and 8 women to eat it out! Count me IN the large labia fan club! They feel like a little **** when I suck them, and put my tongue in the cleft, and lightly graze under her hood, gently tickling her ****, until she rams her hips into my face and begs me to suck harder! She even " jacks off" her lovely long ***** lips! LONG LIVE LABIA!!

Oh god !!!!! The bigger the lips the better. They are so sexy. I prefer my woman with lots of **** hair also, and its hard now to see many women who are natural, but hair between my teeth is no problem at all for me. huge lips are so hot!!!!!

Oh god !!!!! The bigger the lips the better. They are so sexy. I prefer my woman with lots of **** hair also, and its hard now to see many women who are natural, but hair between my teeth is no problem at all for me. huge lips are so hot!!!!!

They realy are quite a turn on. I enjoy when they are wet and wide and wild.

large labia is like seeing a woman with large breast topped with big nipples. there's nothing like a mouth full of *****. the best seeing the movement when having sex. women we love this believe me.

Are there others out there who love large labia?<br />
<br />
Are there women out there embarrassed by their lips - who don't know how arousing some find them?