Glorious Lare Nipples

I worked and worked growing my nipples. Now I have large nipples that I sometimes have to hide with band-aids when I am in "boy drag" I love how feminine they make me feel and look. Stay tuned for pics soon.
realgirlieboy realgirlieboy
46-50, M
3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

yes, an easy way is to get some "naughty nipples" the largest size they make. Then squeeze them and suction them on to your natural nipple and wear them all day as long as possible. they will crack and bleed a bit at first, then...glorious large nipples. It really does work. I bought mine on line. Google them. good luck :)

can't wait to see pic. i'm trying to strecth my nipples now. any good way to do this? i could use some ideas.

waiting for them pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!