Large Long Nipples Rubbing My ****

One time i was with a friend who has really large nipples, but also long.
We were at my house, changing clothes for a party later that evening. We saw eachother naked a few times in the sauna. She took off her shirt and openend her bra. Her ****(c cup) fell out and I saw her touching the nipples a few times. I pretended i didn't see it.
I took off my bra too, and started putting cream on my **** and arms. She knows my skin is always dry and i need to moisturize often. She still didnt put on any clothes, she mentioned she had to iron her dress. I asked her to rub lotion on my back. While doing that I felt her nipples in my back. I got so wet and asked her to rub it on my front too. She continued as if we did this all the time. She massaged my **** and I kept staring at her ****. Her nipples danced around as she moved her arms. I offered to do the same to her. She said why not. I saw her nipples getting harder. We just looked eachother in the eyes and I massged her **** gently. I squeezed her nipples a bit.I mentioned how I loved the size. It's like a small ****. She put me on the bed, her **** hanging above my face. I sucked the nipples and pulled them. And then she really amazed me: she took one of her nipples and rubbed it against my ****. My **** was already wet and growing larger. She fingered me with her nipple. That made me so horny, I felt the juices in my *****. She took again one of her long large nipples and rubbed against my *****. She ****** me with her nipple. She made me ***, while I fingered my **** her nipple was in my *****. After this lovely ****** she put her nipples in my mouth. I sucked them for minutes.
We then got ourselves ready for the party and never talked about it again. But I still keep dreaming about her nipples...
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Hot story

I love your story.
But why you did not talk about it anymore with her?

nipples are just amazing to play with :P

I'd love to have seen that

Wow what a story babe

Do you want to suck and enjoy her breast with the long, big nipples? Go for it instead of just dreaming about it.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! good idea so hot nd exciting!


Mmm and I understand y mmm.
I'd love to see yours.

Pure beauty! Pure pleasure! Pure purrrrrrrfection! What an utter double delight!

This is a very sensual story.

Wow. great story. did you ever get together again?

How long were they? ? How old were you all. Really excited me reading this..although I have learned about the sensitivity of a woman's nipples.. thanks cowboy

I love long big nipples too. My oldest daughter has a nice figure. her breast are a D. You can always see her nipples poking through her outfits. She always wears a bra, but they are still visible.

love this. I'm sorry it didn't happen again. What a beautiful memory.


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What a great story!

hot story
got my **** hard

Yes indeed. some people don't admire big nipples & think small & pink are beautiful, I disagree about it, I think bigger, longer more sexier; large nips always project high sex appeal!!! btw, do you have large nips too? love the open nips bra of your profile pic, it just brought me a solid hard on, both my penis & nips too, so much want to suck of those :)

What an erotic story!

wow what a nice comments, you make me blush. i have more stories, also about nipples. i will put them online this month

i can't wait!

Oh this is awesome!

Great story.

very erotic ! ! !

You can write in a very sexy and sensuous way.

Oh how I would have liked to have witnessed that hot scene!

wonderful story. thank you for sharing.

Wonderful story, thanks.
Nipples are just god gifts...

Your story is wonderful ... Thank You :)

love your profile pic ..its so hot

I love nice nipples and yours are wonderful. Once again thank you for sharing, great story

Very sexy!

Never read a story about a woman using her nipple to penetrate a *****.Pretty interesting but certainly hot.

Superb tale!
It would be nice to do that again I am sure!

What a lovely story! I would love to ******* you with my long nipples.

What an amazing story.

great story. i can picture it perfectly

A lovely story!

wow , that was very arousing story, i bet feeling her hard pertruding nipples felt like a small thick **** rubbing up against your wet ***** must have drove you wild...would you please add me i would love to see more from you thanks

That is a really neat story. Unique and hot. Thanks for sharing it.

wow, very special experience for you...sounds great

I loved that it made me a picture that made my **** very hard and...

Wow! That is a very arousing story! It got my attention! Now I'll be thinking of you getting off with a nipple! Have a great day!