Quit My Larp

I love to LARP, but most recently I quit a very good game because there was a serious issue with the players. It wasn't due to drama, but lack of it.

A couple months ago I rented a car to go to a LARP that I loved. I was never interested in playing a main character, because I enjoyed being the antagonist much more. So I was almost always on "monster squad", or I would have the freedom to play a non-threatening NPC in a short story line. This creative freedom really allowed my sister and I to make excellent stories and interesting inter-actions with the main players.

The first two times I went to this LARP was wonderful. My sister and I hammed up or viciously attacked at every opportunity. The main players loved it, and appreciated our passion. However, at our last LARP event, it was clear as the main players got to know each other; LARP became more of a hang-out event than a game.

I will never forget the lengths my sister and I went to dress up like two fortune tellers who would tell someone their fortune and give the person gold. This was almost like a "freebie", a rare treat for players who lacked gold to take advantage of us. It was sweltering hot but we piled on colorful wraps and shawls, hobbled towards the "inn" slowly (like two old ladies), crooning and singing our one-liners 100 yards away so people could over-hear us. As we got to the inn, we spotted a group of players and after a brief introduction offered them our services.

They completely ignored us. We weren't dressed as monsters, so they didn't bother to try and attack us. They were chatting with other people and drinking punch. One of the newer players expressed a bit of interest, but reverted back to paying attention to a semi-boring conversation with one of the most popular players there. I was internally upset. I was practically giving money away and they hardly bothered.

After trying to engage our lethargic audience, my sister and I gave up. We had a plot idea to predict danger in someone's future and to have a particularly strong monster appear later in the game, honing into the individual, but no one cared.

When I got back to "monster base", I asked my sister if we weren't particularly interesting or if their indifference was due to them being tired. She thought the same as I did: they didn't care about the game, or us, they just wanted to hang out with their friends and beat monsters. It took all the glamor and creativity right out of us. We were just mindless make-up monsters to be attacked. They weren't tired, we had hardly started the game, and our act wasn't taxing at all.

So I quit. I am not going to dress up and bust my *** to be ignored. It was very hard work spending three days interacting with large groups of people who didn't appreciate us. I'm sorry I spent so much time coming up with plot lines and pouring money into costumes.
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OMG me to :D I used to do it a lot in highschool

sounds like you would be really good at Cosplay.
go to events and compete for prizes and glory!

Me and my sister used to play like that all the time when we were kids we made up characters and wondered all over the desert acting out these roles. We built crazy structures way up on the sides of hills or dug into the desert floor. Probably a lot of the rock structures we built are still there.

What a pity your Larp was ruined.I would talk to the GM .

I definitely want to try LARP one day, just seems interesting to me. You sound like you were really into it, it would be a shame if they permanently broke your spirit. You should definitely try finding another event with a different group.