My Red Boots

Im sitting on my own my 8inch thigh high boots and my latex dress which shows of my bulge rather well when there is a knock at the door.i open it to see a very sexy gurl standing there and she asks me if im interested in solar panels...i ask her in to continue the small talk...she sits down and comments at how high my heels are which at that point my big **** starts to thicken.she sees this and smiles..she then asks to use my bathroom...on her return her lips are dripping with bright red lipstick and i can see by her bulge she is very aroused...she sits down next to me and places her long painted nails on my hard **** which by now is huge and veined..i reach down and feel her **** is also very hard andinstently want to suck it..which i do.but what i want is that lipstick round my ****..i becone her to go down on me and she does...painting my **** all red..she then turns me over wanting to **** my ******* she holds on to my hips driving her big **** in and out of my hole im in extasy.....i then take that hard **** in my mouth and swallow her whole load of ***...then i **** her with my sluty **** me boots towering over her i pull my throbing **** out her assole and spurt hot come al over her gapping hole...i never did buy any of her solar panels xxx im a *** loving **** xxx
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18 Responses Sep 13, 2012

oooh yummmmm wish i could come round take turns with her at ******* your hungry holes mmmm

I would love to come round and sell you some lipstick. I do free demonstrations on the quality of the products and have a huge range of colours. Might be there some length of time X

I gotta *** over and sell you some solar panels! I might have to make quite a few trips, too! I would love to leave with a hot dripping gaping hole, too!

ooh thats hot now im all wet, thanks

Nice. I keep hoping for a sales person like her to stop by my place!

I am going to get some quotes on solar panels! Did you get her card? Great of you to share the story. Thanks.

wow - great story - really made me horney and got me strokin my lil clitty hard and vieny . ready to *** soon ... looking forward to more of your sexy stories... sd

lovely story wishi could have been there withyou to join in the fun by the way anytime you wnat to play i'd love to sugar add me as a friend? plz

would love to be there and used by both of you

What a coinkydink, Hun; I have solar panels I want to sell to you! (wink)

mmmmmmmmm on my way bb!

love the story very much - just wish it came with pictures too xx skip

love you xxx you little ****

I love it that is so hot would love ot clean you two up afterwards

let me know when and where because I would for sure, I would travel if not to far,,, I so want to be used to clean up after some sloppy good sex..

sexy story sugar when can i *** by?

I think I need to move to your location lol your so lucky girl

Great story - I'm aroused for more............

Sounds like a very "yummy" time sweetie.

You are my dream come true. Would love to toss your salad!!!

Let's play