Latex Love

I am a heavy rubber lover. I love being sealed in rubber layers for hours. I routinely share my ideas and fantasies in the form of heavy rubber and latex fantasy stories. I have felt the love of rubber since my early years...even before my teens.

I didn't understand the feelings I had but I came of age when I exploded while wearing a pair of rubber chest waders, rain parka and household gloves. this was a spontaneous burst of lust that shocked and surprised me. it also cemented my love and lust for rubber forever.
Rbrbill Rbrbill
61-65, M
5 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I have a partner who does not share my enthusiasm for rubber. So I have kept the depth of my latex hidden for many years. However, the partner is aware of some of my activities such as my nocturnal walks in the rain while in total enclosure in the past. Yes I write latex fiction fantasy.

Do you live alone or with a partner? Your picture shows a very sexy outfit indeed. Did you write stories for the Liquid Latex library some years back?

Great intro and I love your stories too.

How very true, what wonderful effects rubber can have on ones emotions.

Rubber has that effect on me too,I always *** in my rubber pants.