I Love It All

I was a tad bit hesitant about joining this group because I found it to be too broad, but after reflecting on it, I decided that this group suits me well. I do LOVE Latin music. I love it in all of its variety, in all of its genres and in all of its encompassing intermingled themes. The beauty that is Latin music stems from the fact that it all can be traced down to the the language used (Spanish) and or of the unique use of instruments.

I love regional Mexican music: corridos, duranguense, cumbias, norteñas ect.

I love bachatas

I love Spanish rock

I love Spanish rap

I love baladas

I love salsa

I love Spanish pop

I love it all...

Here are a few of my favorite Spanish artists

Los Tigres Del Norte

Ana Tijoux

Mala Rodriguez



Marco Antonio Solis

Los Polifacios

Enrique Iglesias

Calle 13

Selena y Los Dinos

Prince Royce

Carlos Baute

Banda MS

Banda El Limon

La Oreja De Van Gogh

And so many more....

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4 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I agree!, especially the cumbia and also many of those artists you have listed and some others.

you are very welcome, there are so many great hispanice artist. especially in texas and mexico. i'm sure now they are all over the place chicago, and los angeles. great music. but not the sam. tejano is a breed of it's own. wirte to me and maybr we can listen to some music. :)

Yes I was familiar with that actually..<br />
<br />
And I did forget to mention Tejano music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
<br />
My love for the older "romanticas" comes from my dad he loved Los Bukis, Los Yonics, Los Freddy's ect.<br />
<br />
I have heard Columbian cumbias but I often feel they have a more rock edge, which is great! but I didn't mention them..<br />
<br />
Thanks for commenting :)

wow girl, that's a handful. and i love all the artist you named. <br />
<br />
beibg from south texas there are many more. <br />
<br />
i don't know if you know this or not but regional originated here in the United States with such artist as Flaco Jimenez. now part of the Texas Tornados. In fact his dad was one of the first. and then of course los relampagos del norte and many more bands play the music. los traileros are one of my favorite.<br />
<br />
cvumbias well i love cumbias the columbians are some of the best at cumbias, Fito Olivares is one of my favorites. <br />
<br />
romanace Los Temerarios from Venezuela are great.<br />
<br />
Now tejano music in this aort of texas is very much a go. el gato negro Ruben Ramos, Sunny Ozuna god bless him Agustine Ramirez and the great Little Joe Hernandez is one of my favorite. now that is old school.<br />
Los Chamacos de Jaime De Anda. Rabulito, Emilio, the great Joe Lopez y groupo mazz. La Mafia. WOW your making bring back lots of memories. lol<br />
<br />
and many many more cumbias are my thing. <br />
<br />
great story thank you.