Not That I Discrimnate, But...

The average latina female is built in such a way that is more appealing to me... Even the thinner ones have a shape (hips and etc), but normally, they are thicker and bubblier in all the areas where women ought to be a lil thicker and bubblier.

Beyond the body type preference, the average latina female is usually blessed with dark brown or black hair, olive or tanned skin, and lovely brown eyes... pools of warmth, knowledge, sensuality, mystery... intrigue...

My 'perfect' latina? Without displaying a picture of my wife... think Salma Hayek in 'Desperado'.


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4 Responses Sep 23, 2007

Bubbler? Lol

Nicole from the ***** cat dolls

I agree 100% with your story! Latina girls are also the best lovers. I've slept with 11 latinas since I was 28 and they blow away the average white girl in bed!! Trust me. The only bad thing is that they are so jealous.

wow 11 latinas? I wonder how many do you want to sleep with before you die? are you gonna setle some day? sigh

I must agree that Selma Hayek is hot!