Best Surprise Ever!

So I've been quarantined with whooping cough for nearly a week....boring! I have been going stir crazy in bed since I'm usually a pretty busy person but prior to this week I've felt too sick to socialise, and now that I'm starting to feel a little better I'm not allowed to hang out with anyone in case I make them sick too. I was talking to my best mate on the phone today feeling a bit sorry for myself as I knew the boys were hanging out like usual and I'm stuck in my room by myself.
A few hours later the doorbell chimes and there are my boys, complete with beer, pizza, DVDs and FACE MASKS! I could not believe it, it was the most awesome surprise and it doesn't even matter that they only brought action movies, they are here crammed on my couch, which really only seats 3 people, braving the risk of infection to cheer me up.
Thank heavens for big cuddles, bigger laughs and the awesome mates I have in these crazy boys :)
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1 Response May 11, 2012

What a wonderful thing and way to spend an evening.<br />
<br />
May they find many more opportunities to keep surprising you in good ways!