Oh Yeah

I love these two.  I have every video on VHS LOL.  They are the best comedy act ever.  A real riot.  Everytime I feel blue I just slide one of my ancient tapes into the old vcr and sit down and watch these two dinglebats skits.  just looking at the picture makes me laugh.

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9 Responses Mar 21, 2009

LOL sweet..:)

I agree those were the good old days....I also watch Mr, bean and a few others :)

I always loved " The Piano Movers". I think they were the best comedy team that made me laugh so hard. L & H were always a favorite of mine and to watch their old flicks brings back memories of good times when life was so simple.

LOL wow brings back memories

Laughing Gravy is one of the best.<br />
<br />
I also love the one where they get stranded in a cabin in the mountains and end up drunk on moonshine.

lol omg yes....thats it Im going to set up the old VCR and watch some good ol buddy comedy :). I found you can also watch them on yourtube too :)

Oh! Oh! Another one. A Perfect Day. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!..... love that!

yes I remember that one, might pull out a few of the old VHS cassettes and snuggle down and have a good laugh. grins

Me too. I haven't memorized all their flicks but I watch whenever I get a chance. There's one scene, I don't know which movie, where Ollie falls backwards into a pond filled with water, and there is some reason he can't get up, there's some kind of weight on him. The camera and Stan stares down on his frantic face, with bubbles coming fron his mouth and breaking the surface to pop and gurgle, "pop...DO...pop...SOMETHING...pop...TO...pop...HELP...pop...ME!"