:) Yes

That woman is a wonder.

All that she's been through and all that she is being through right now have not defeated her. She's strong, sensible, hardworking, wise, loving, very dedicated and as we all know, a superb mom.

Being a friend of hers is great. I learn many things from her posts.

I did search about it and i can honestly say that she really is an Amazon.... An untiring woman warrior. I've been meaning to write this story for a while and now i think i shouldn't wait for "free time" and should write it no matter how random it is because if you read this lauren, just know that i think about you and wish the best for you and the family you are raising so well and you don't lose hope ever because i think its a really extraordinary asset that you have.

Stay strong :) :) 

FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
26-30, M
Mar 15, 2010