Art Imitates Life

Art imitating life, that's what I request and yes in the end demand from a TV show. Give me people that I could run into on the street or in a restaurant or a local coffee shop. Law & Order - the entire three series are just AMAZING. The fact that it's loosely based around real life events and incidents only makes it ever more hard hitting in its impact. I can't explain how wonderful it was to see this show for the first time and be totally swept off my feet by it. There's not alot of shows that are so based in hardcore reality short of the long lived JAG, current NCIS and the CSI's.

Yes police officers and law enforcement will feel obliged to find various elements to criticize but you cannot argue with the format. It could be serious argued that Law & Order trilogy doesn't just entertain and provoke but it also educates the general population on the unseen side of law enforcement, the one that isn't covered in the newspapers or interviews. Benson, Stabler - Tutola even Munch are all painfully human, startlingly real and will touch your heart and stimulate your mind.

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Law & Order has some unbelievably good scriptwriters. It never fails to keep me glued to it's plot. It's as good as TV can get.

We have a lot in's too bad we live so far away.