Ring Of Fire

Hello - I watched Ring of Fire series a few times on PBS (the American public television network) and I have the book. The encounters with the Punan people is what stuck in my memory over the years and the other day, I saw a brief story on the BBC news about the Punan today. Their traditional lifestyle has been forever changed by the logging of their forest. Their plight today makes the footage that Lawrence and Lorne shot all the more magical and dreamlike because it captured a way of life that may never exist again. Seeing that BBC piece made me wonder how Lawrence is doing these days and I stumbled across this group. It would be so great to meet him someday and hear him speak. How does someone like him, with such a sense of adventure and appreciation of the wonder of our planet, make sense of the world today - the world of climate change, political upheaval and apparent indifference to the spiritual and natural world... I am sure he is as upbeat and positive as he was all those years ago. I hope people who know him will share their stories with this group -- and thank you to the person who created it. Bye for now. 

BarbaraCanadian BarbaraCanadian
46-50, F
Feb 15, 2010