It'd wonderful! There's just so much space!!!

ForeverAutumn ForeverAutumn
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4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

haha nah dont be afraid! me and my dad always prefer to sit on the floor. we do have two sofa's in the tv room that could accommodate us all but we always sit on the floor. just tell them ur feeling pretty tired and this way u cant fall off anything. :D:D

I agree, laying on the floor is amazing, idk why though it just is. I'm afraid my family and friends will think I'm a freak if they see me laying on the floor though...

haha i get like that sometimes. i ALWAYS make people help me up, and sometimes i pull them down with me again :D.

Hi, sounds great but if I were to lay on the floor I'd never be able to get up again. I'd be like a turtle on its back. LOL<br />