I Bet You Can't Eat Just One

Remember that commercial ..can't eat just one..?   YEAH, ONE BAG !   Sitting at the computer munching and ..OMG. Where did all those chips go?  Who can stop crunching and really close the bag?  Clearly not me.  That salt..I have to go soak my tongue now. If you can eat 10 chips then put the bag away, I salute you.  You are my hero.

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17 Responses Sep 20, 2008

I like scoops too..it's fun to crunch away and enjoy the TV movie..Sometimes I have to pause my crunch to hear what someone said , LMAO!!

I am the same way with Scoops. Corn chips for dipping. Who needs dip. I just crunch them plain. Yummm-O. mini

Oh heaven in a bag and I absolutely love them. You can keep your nachos and pretzels, just give me a bag of Lays!

Oh oh..now I gotta get some....Just reading this makes me wanna crunch through a bag..no dip required :>)

After reading some of the comments I have to say "My name is Andrea and I am a chip-o-holic"

I almost bought chips today.Forced myself to put the bag back and walk away from the snack isle..A good movie + Saturday night with a bag of chips in bed..Ah! : >)

I am that way with Hot Tamales, I think they have dope in them.

In 1948,49 or 50 my sister Carleen Kelley approximately 11 years old responded to a contest conducted by Lays seeking a jingle for advertising, sent the following jingle in "I bet you can't eat just one"<br />
She won the contest and received a nice bicycle from Lay's which was presented which she received at local TV Station in Nashville Tennessee. At the time she lived with our Grandparents in Lebanon Tennessee 37087.It was later passed on to me.<br />
My name is Val Kelley and I served as the County Executive in Lebanon many years later.

Now I want a bag of chips. I prefer barbeque flavour chips

After reading my own story, I want some now too..BBQ would be perfect with a good movie on Tv..it's raining ..A crunch fest sounds like a plan.

Hi..there is something about eating chips in bed that makes them so much better..nothing like finding the crumbs when ya wake up..oops..tasty anyway.I dip chips in anything ..salsa or cheese sauce.It all works ..thanks for commenting today .cheers!

hahahahahaha ... i LOVE lays chips!!!<br />
<br />
i wait for them to go on sale 'buy one get one' then i buy buy buy and get rainchecks when they run out!!! <br />
<br />
i am able to limit myself pretty much .. i allow 10 mins of chips right before my sleeping pill kicks in. Sour Cream and Onion is my Fav!!<br />
<br />
p..s. judging from the spread out timeline of this thread .. i think it will live forever LOL

the term 'raincoats' may be different there then here..I'm laughing ..I can't believe how funny this is..

they are great spread with vegiemite,but so are raincoats

I love them but they stick to my teeth!

Crap..now I want some too. Grabs savingM's bag and runs away.

MMMM..that sounds good. Serving size must get bumped up..I coulden joy the heck out of it right now.

Hi jholler. Isn't that the way it goes with everything? I'm certain most of us can eat twice the portion size,suggested. A cup of Cheerios is like eating air. 12 potato chips..yeah right. Bummer .

I was reminded of this old phase the other day when eating my Cheerios. I bet you can't eat just one cup of Cheerios. I have blood sugar problems. If you can't just eat one cup of Cheerios, you better give it up.

Yes, that salt makes my fingers swell and really..a belly full of salt. How can that be a good thing? Still, I love you Lays potato chips! Now pass the dip please...All flavors of dips are most welcomed. :+}