As Long As You Are By My Side

It’s a perfect day for snuggling in bed, gray and rainy and no sun shining through our open blinds. It’s the kind of day where I long to breathe in his masculine scent and peacefully rest within his embrace.  I don’t want to really do anything today maybe just lying about, books, maybe the newspaper, scattered and shared, soft touches, shared caresses, followed by hot passion, coffee breaks, some early morning loving, reading to each other, finding new places to kiss each other, his hands on me, in me, as mine explore hungrily. Nowhere to be except in this moment- just each other together doing whatever and doing it whenever as we take our own sweet time loving one another. Yes, that is a perfect morning for me.

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6 Responses Jun 17, 2012

Thanks y'all. ((hugs))

Love your post....and the best way to start a beautiful day.....:)

Very sexy and sweet. I really liked this one and hope you are able to enjoy one of these days soon.

Sounds like a perfect day! :-) dc

I love a perfect morning.

love this too! nicely worded and makes me wish it was morning and I was in bed with my honey!