Am i the only 1 who wishes that everybody will sleep n take a rest during day time and enjoy the whole night...O.O there's too much light when the sun's up...can't handle it. I get cranky cos of the heat and brightness.
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I have come to learn how to appreciate society and the people in it, but for one so focused on pleasing the majority they fail utterly in this......ask a proper chrono-biologist which time rhythm is the most prevalent in society......

When I have a vacation I go to bed just before watching the sunrise and wake up just early enough , after 50 times of waking up, and not caring to wake up, sleeping about 13 hours average, just to see it set again.

Hmmm, not the only one, but why shouldn't you enjoy the day as well?<br />
If you want to dance then night times best, if you want slow, private walks then night time is best, but if you want to get close with somebody, who cares where the sun is?

You have a's just cos of the hurts my skin and my eyes lol

Along with an insatiable thirst for blood?
My advice is nap at midday. Morning and evening sun is way cool and the nicest time to make love

How would like to enjoy the whole night hon ??<br />

sound like my kinda freind ;-)

When will this ever i hope this will be the case if people start migrating to mars

well i dont live through normal hours , so most people are aliens already to me , gotta do what i like , as i like it my way :-)

I am with you I have always had trouble sleepin at night and then always tired during the daytime.

Me too!!!

oh yea you just read about it lol